Breaking Down Mobile Health

For the sake of this article and comparing solutions, we make the distinction between Wellness and Clinical Healthcare. For the healthy person, personal wellness products are smartphones, apps and smart wearables. For those with chronic conditions, there is a myriad of connected devices at home that measure environmental factors, weight, menstrual cycles, medication adherence, and devices that are passively, quietly and continuously measuring vital signs just as a team of clinicians would be listening to the patient in a hospital.

What’s the backbone of the High-Tech SeedLab’s Acceleration Program?

The Anatomy of Our Startup Support It all started four years ago when AtomLeap (now Delphai) first received support from the Berlin Senate and EFG for their acceleration program to support early stage entrepreneurs in Berlin. Since then, 17 startups have graduated from the ever changing, iterating, and growing program. Now, the High-Tech SeedLab is…

Economic impact of startup support programs

How to Measure the Economic Impact of Startup Support Programs: A Methodological Approach

Entrepreneurship is positively associated with economic growth. In 1979 the relaxation of investment rules for U.S. pension funds led to historically large inflows (3% of GDP) to the venture capital asset class. As a result, many forward-looking tech companies were funded. Today, their revenue is equivalent to one-fifth of the country’s GDP. The importance of entrepreneurship…