Goodbye 2020,
Hello 2021!

We are currently selecting the cohort for next year and are looking forward to welcoming new teams in February 2021. Over the past year, our acceleration program supported seven amazing startups. Thank you to all of our teams for making 2020 more than bearable. Have a look what they’ve achieved and make sure to follow their journey.

High-Tech SeedLab Batch 2020

Application process for 2021

Step 1

Send us your pitch via our online application form.

Step 2

We invite you for a meeting to our

Step 3

Present your business model in a 5-minute pitch.

Step 4

We assess each team according to our criteria.

Step 5

We sign contracts with chosen teams and celebrate.

Validate your product-market fit

Join a group of like-minded

As part of our group of up to 20 founders, teams gain access to external skills, knowledge and networks.

acceleration program berlin for sustainability

Receive tailored support
to learn and grow

Our in-house team provides you with an external view on your strategy and
business model.

acceleration program in berlin financial support equity free stipend

Concentrate on building
your solution

Test your business idea (almost) worry free while receiving a monthly stipend and co-working space.

About the High-Tech SeedLab

We support high-tech ventures in Berlin. Our 10-month acceleration program is
designed to help early-stage teams to test their idea and business model, build
or finalise a minimum viable product, and successfully launch their business.

high-tech seedlab acceleration program for early entrepreneurs in berlin

Ideas for a more connected and greener society

high-tech seedlab early acceleration program berlin technology startups


We support high-tech ideas that contribute to sustainability and/or women in tech.

high-tech seedlab early acceleration program berlin sustainability startups


We seek innovative ideas to promote social, environmental and political sustainability.

high-tech seedlab early acceleration program berlin sustainability startups

Women in tech

We are also looking for teams and ideas that can promote female participation in tech.

Our support to you

You don’t have to do it alone. Validate your product-market fit
and lift your venture off the ground with technical, financial and emotional
 support from the High-Tech SeedLab and a community of industry leaders and experts.

Monthly grant

Equity-free stipend of 1,500 for up to four founders in the team.

Office space

Access to a co-working space and facilities in Berlin.

Tailored support

Regular workshops, expert drop-ins and coaching sessions.


Connections to investors, mentors and industry experts.

Who you are

We admit committed, skills-balanced teams with a shared vision, values and attitude.
You should have defined your initial strategy and milestones and must be able
to develop and test the initial minimum viable product.


Not yet incorporated and at the very beginning of the startup process.


All participants must be registered in Berlin and plan to stay here.


Team members are committed to working full time (40 hour week) for your venture.

EXIST funding

None of your team members should have received EXIST funding before.

Current participants

Benoo Team Sustainable Food Startup Berlin

Oriante, Benoo

"Being part of the program is such a beneficial experience. It gives us a framework to focus on our idea and build our product with the support of experienced coaches. Working along energising startups and building a strong network has been essential to launching before the end of the program."

Friedrich, ForSuperHeroes

"Definitely an accelerator that provides value beyond the funding. Our coach really thinks deeply about our business and gives us very helpful input. The exchange with the other startups that have similar challenges is also very helpful."

Livia, Era Zero Waste

"It is a privilege to take part in a program that supports your company and success as a whole. To be surrounded by mission-driven companies, talented fellow colleagues and coaches. Thank you for supporting our journey to make it easy for everyone to live zero waste and make an impact!"

Mitul, Leaf Labs

"One benefit is the community aspect. People are ready to provide feedback and are easy to access. The second thing is accountability. The program gives you the notion of being on a certain timeline. Especially at the beginning when everything seems really urgent it’s good to check in with others."

Your team at the High-Tech SeedLab

project lead high-tech seedlab acceleration project berlin

Iris Hempel

Project Lead

project assistant high-tech seedlab acceleration program berlin startup support entrepreneurship

Asia Martin Lopez

Project Assistant

startups coach acceleration program berlin high-tech seedlab

Ahmed Mostafa

Startup Coach

startup coach high-tech seedlab accelerator berlin early-stage startups entrepreneurs

Anna Buchmann

Startup Coach

Startups we have worked with


Submissions are only accepted from teams who are either not yet incorporated, or were founded no earlier than 3 months prior to applying to the program. All team members must be registered in the city of Berlin and must be able to commit to working full-time for the project (40 hrs/week).  Lastly, you cannot have received EXIST prior to the start of the program.

Yes, if you have a valid visa.

In general, we only accept teams of 2-4 people who already know each other and have ideally worked together successfully for at least 3-5 months. We explicitly support early-stage startups. You have a business idea and may have developed a first concept or version of your MVP. The startup must not generate any sales. The goal towards the end of the program is to test and validate product-market fit.

Yes, if you are incorporated in Berlin and the date of business registration (Gewerbeanmeldung) is within 3 months of the date of your application.

The High-Tech SeedLab mainly promotes ideas that have a technological component and contribute to our program themes of sustainability and/or women in tech.

Once the application process is open, you can submit an application form found on our website. Have your pitch deck ready, because at the end you will be asked to upload it. After reviewing your application, we will invite eligible teams for a phone interview. If your idea and team fits our criteria, we will invite you to our office to meet everyone in person and hear your pitch. All submissions will be ranked according to the potential of the idea, the business model, and team dynamics. Overall, we will accept up to 20 individual founders.

Our 10-month, equity-free acceleration program offers a monthly stipend, office space, tailor-made coaching and workshops as well as access to our network of industry and investment experts.

Every participant will receive a monthly stipend of €1,5000. Office space will be provided in a co-working facility in Berlin. Every team will have a designated coach who will guide the teams through the program. Workshops and expert drop-in sessions ensure that you build up the necessary knowledge and experience to get your venture off the ground. The High-Tech SeedLab will also make use of its industry contacts to connect you with mentors, experts and investors to help increase your network and take your business to the next level.

The fulfilment of legal obligations (taxes, social security contributions, health insurance, etc.) that may arise as a result of the stipend is the responsibility of the stipend holder and will not be deducted in advance. 

The High-Tech SeedLab acceleration program can only be obtained as a sole grant. It is not permitted to accept other private or public subsidies in parallel. We also cannot accept your application if you have already received any other public or private subsidies/grants such as EXIST or the “Berliner Startup Stipendium”.

Investments are allowed, as long as you remain in full control of your business. You can accept prize money from private and public competitions, regardless of the amount.

English is the official language. All big group workshops will be held in English but the individual coaching sessions may happen in German if needed. 

Drop us a line

Are there any questions left unanswered? Or are you a mentor or expert who wants to share your knowledge? We want to hear from you!

Our Partners

This program is financed by the European Social Fund (ESF), as well as the State of Berlin.

Supported by Berlin Senate, European Social Fund, AtomLeap, delphai

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